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Birmingham | Workstation Alterations

Period: Early 2002

Type: Project Management

Duration: 14 weeks

Location: Birmingham

Client: Storage facility

Project value: Value > £130k

KTCS acted in the capacity of external Project Managers. This project involved the management of the:

  • Removal of a dividing wall, including all power data and heaters mounted on the wall.

  • replacement of the ceilings/ceiling tiles.

  • Relocating the wall mounted heaters to the outer walls.

  • Providing new desks, chairs, and cabinets.

  • Providing power and data with the layout to enable better use of the space

  • Installation of more suitable blinds to the windows

  • Decoration of the walls and architraves.

  • Replacing the flooring which is failing in areas with a new hard-wearing floor surface suitable for the type and amount of traffic.

  • Modifying the fire alarm devices and the security set up to suit the modified room layout.

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